BIOSUPPORT offers biotech and diagnostic companies assistance on a project basis. We see ourselves as an operational part of the customers’ team, doing “hands-on” work to add value and help companies on their way to success.  BIOSUPPORT can assist when and where resources are limited – short term and long term. 

Our CEO has 15 years’ work experience in different roles at  a Norwegian company offering custom production of monoclonal antibodies to the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industry in Europe and USA. From this she has acquired a dual competency in life science research and business: experience from basic research, industry-based research, business development and sales management as well as management experience as Managing Director of the company.

In Jan 2014 she started BIOSUPPORT. The company was founded from her desire to work with great scientific teams, to participate in work that can change people’s lives and that will ultimately make a difference.

Expertise in production and quality work:
In-depth expertise in cell culturing, large-scale production and down-stream processing of monoclonal antibodies - from hands-on experience in all steps to overall responsibility for production:

Cell culturing, sterile work, work in B- and C-classified laboratories / Cell culturing medium and supplements, how cells grow and develop in different medium /  Cell banking and characterization of cell banks /  Investigation of cell growth and viability and optimization of cell lines /   In-vitro production by cell culturing – small scale, large scale and up scaling

Protein purifications: Affinity purification, size exclusion chromatography /  QC analysis – analytical analysis: ELISA, SDS, IEF,WB, OD, pH, glucose, Flow cytometry analysis /   Conjugations of proteins to fluorochroms and enzymes / Develop specifications, procedures and control plans for products /   Development of methods for production and QC; from establishing and writing SOPs to implementing and training /   Tech transfer to/from CMO /   Building relations and fulfill negotiations with suppliers. Audit suppliers and set up specifications for ordered material /   Control outsourcing of productions/analysis to subcontractors /   Calculate cost of production and investigate and implement actions for cost reduction

 Quality systems:   ISO 9001 – 15 years’ experience from establishment, documentation and practical work /  GMP – participating in the team building a set of documentations and system for GMP compliance

Expertise in business development, sales and marketing:
Substantial experience in building and maintaining close relationships with customers, managing projects from start to end: From scientific consulting with the customer, related to contract negotiations, to input to production planning and implementation. Also scouting for new business opportunities, developing a CRM system, developing marketing and sales strategies, budgets, and implementing improvements to procedures and processes have been part of year-long responsibilities.



Grete Thoresen Fjelstad, CEO


Phone: +47 911 61 678